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Survey Results

Sept. 16, 2013 Meeting Notes

Coop Meeting Notes
Monday, September 16, 2013

There were twenty-six volunteers who attended the meeting.  Below are some highlights from the meeting. For more details, please be in touch with Committee Chairs, Sharon Reynolds at PRIDE or Ross Kelley.
Ø  The overall consensus from the group at the close of the meeting was one of ‘let’s move the food co-op forward’.  To accomplish this, the chairs of the standing committees will begin to meet on a weekly basis.
Ø  The legal fees for registering the food co-op are estimated to be approximately $1,500 and we will need to raise this amount soon.
Ø  Robin gave a presentation from her conversations with Juniper Hill Farm, a 125 acre CSA (see attached Power Point). It was noted that CSA’s should be a source for produce at the co-op as well as local and regional farmers, buyers clubs, and regional HUB’s. The Sourcing Committee is working on the completion of the list of sources available and beginning to research each of these sources.

Ø  Eric reported on the results of the summary noting 268 individuals have responded.  A summary of the survey will be sent out in a press release in October. Discussion about an increase in education and communication to the community via civic organizations took place and will be addressed via the education committee.
Ø  Ross began a presentation to summarize where we are and where we are going addressing topics including distribution centers (HUBs), the strength of the word “Marketplace” in describing the co-op, the importance of local farmers, NYS Health Department regulations and certifications, the development of a list of questions for volunteers to use in visits to co-ops, and fundraising efforts.
Ø  The group agreed that a name for the co-op is important and should be determined now.  Sharon will send out an email for everyone to send us their ideas for the Ticonderoga food co-op.

The above was only a brief summary of the meeting.

Note the next meeting will be on November 18th at 6 pm at TiNY on Montcalm Street.  Anita Deming, Founder of the Adirondack Harvest and Executive Director and Agricultural Issue Leader at Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Essex County will be our speaker after the committee chairs announce the name for our co-op that will be voted on via email and social media beginning next week.  Stay tuned!