Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Agenda for April 8th and notes from previous meeting

Agenda for April 8th 2013 and notes from previous meeting

Mission Statement
  • Purpose
  • Reason for existence
  • What and Why
  • Living document
Provides the foundation for priorities, strategies, plans and work assignments. 
Reveals product or service.

Mission Comments

Ø  Sustainably-sourced products
Ø  To contribute to health and well being of people/community by providing wholesome foods
Ø  Buyers for members only – not selling for an industry.
Ø  Socially and environmentally responsible.
Ø  Minimize packaging/recycling
Ø  Support local farming community
Ø  Equal opportunity employment
Ø  Organic food
Ø  Open understanding – educational outreach to community
Ø  Truthful labeling

An organization’s mission statement is an important first step in defining a co-op’s reason for existence. 
The mission is supported by a set of values that define our standards.
We Value
Ø  Locally produced food and products
Ø  Highest quality, wholesome
Ø  Open membership
Ø  Cooperation with other co-op’s
Ø  One member, one vote
Ø  Affordable, low cost goods
Ø  Environmentally sensitive
Ø  Positive customer experience
Ø  Equal opportunity for all
Ø  Business integrity
Ø  Listening/responsive to ideas
Ø  Organic foods
Ø  Cost should not compromise quality
Ø  Fair trade with global sourcing – exploitation not allowed.
Ø  Open to all for access
Ø  Member discount
Ø  Support local farmers “Genesis”
Ø  Promote healthy lifestyle in our community

 Topics needing more discussion
                    “the parking lot”

Ø  Definition of membership categories
Ø  Employment
Ø  Definition of organic
Ø  Local “boundaries” definition
Ø  True cost
Ø  Education
Ø  SKU’s inventory
Ø  Expired “day old” product – food pantries