Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ti Co-op meeting minutes for Monday, April 29th 2013

Ti Co-op meeting minutes for Monday, April 29th at the Downtown Gallery

Great energy and enthusiasm from the group that met on Monday!

After discussing the level of commitment from volunteers to serve on the committees, the following individuals asked to be involved in the ‘next steps’ of educating ourselves and organizing our co-op.

Name                                                       Interest (draft)
Maletta Hourigan                                     Financial
Diane O’Connor                                       Financial/organization
Eric Stoddard                                           Tech support/fundraising
Kate Shoemaker                                       Membership/organization
Kip Berrick                                               Legal
Dean Cook                                               Fundraising/operation
Joe Giorgano                                            Fundraising
Nancy Paquette                                        General
Laurel Carroll                                           Blog/communications
George Sperry                                         Networking
Art Hatfield                                              Financial
Conroy Peterson                                      Retail
Karen Hinkamp                                        Operation/inventory
Sylviane Acker                                        General
Denise St. Pierre                                      General
Jessica Paradis                                         Fundraising
Ross Kelley                                             General
Sharon Reynolds                                     General
Chattie Van Wert                                    General
Meg Parker                                             General

This group will meet the last week in May to organize and identify tasks and assignments. 

There will be communications throughout the summer to the entire volunteer list asking for your opinion on information that will be received and development through the committees.  We need your help! For example, we would like everyone to consider visiting co-ops throughout your travels and ask questions, pick up marketing materials to share with us, and take photos if possible.  We will be generating a list of questions you can bring with you on these visits.  The goal is to place the list of questions on the blog for your easy access.  Look for our emails soon.

More to come...

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